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Khulna Public Collegehas two Houses (Hostels) for its students, namely, Morning House and Day House. Previously, the house was titled as ‘Kazi Azhar Ali House’ upto the name of the prime contributor for Khulna Public College. Houses of Khulna Public College are administered and maintained by senior faculty members of Khulna Public College. With House Master there are also House Tutors who take care of the education of the students. Khulna Public College tries to build up the career of the students at the houses with great care aiming to prepare them as the golden human resource for Bangladesh with the quality to face any situation with intelligence and courage.

The houses of Khulna Public College provide greater emphasis on physical, mental and cultural nourishment of its students. Every evening teacher of all ranks (From Assistant teachers to Professors) engage themselves in monitoring and teaching the students as a part of their duties. KPC also provides stand-by health care services to its students. To make the students obedient and religious, there also exists proper facility to have daily prayers.

Maintenance of schedules to make the students as robust follower of discipline is also of great importance to Khulna Public College. As a whole Khulna Public College provides an extremely nice environment in its houses to build up the career of the students.

Khulna Public College, Boyra, Khulna, BangladeshTel: 041- 761339, 041- 763692 E-Mail: [email protected]

Phone: 041 761339 (Principal)
041 763692(VP-Morning Shift)
041 761339(VP-Day Shift)
Fax: 041 761339

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